Psycho-Enalysis Center focuses on the health of the Whole Person


We are a comprehensive energy psychology center. We understand that to effectively treat a person, you have to look at the Whole Person. Our psychotherapy services focus on improving multiple levels of a person’s experience—physical, psychological, energetic, and spiritual.

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Living a Meaningful Life

Trough Psycho-Energy Analysis or Psych-Enalysis, Slobodan Nesovic, Psy.D. will help your process of self-healing and lead you to a greater integration with the world around you.

Working with a professional that you connect with, who understands the importance of relationship in therapy, could unleash the potential for growth and happiness you’ve never dreamed possible. A fulfilled life is within your reach. The Psy-E Center offers high quality psychotherapy uniquely tailored for you to live a more meaningful life.

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Our Values

Cultivating a community of compassionate and collective responsibility

Exploring, developing, researching and applying energy psychology methods to alleviate human suffering

Promoting regenerative human culture and practices

Assisting people to awaken their inner powers and fully rlise their true potential

Respecting individuality and people’s unique possibilities

“ Changes that I notice in myself after only three therapy sessions with Dr. Nešović are so fundamental that it will take a while for me to comprehend their true scale. ”

Miroslav Ničić Niče, Founder, Gruvlend LLC

“ Although I first met Dr. Nesovic eight years ago when he profoundly impacted the way I live my life, just three brief recent encounters caused greater change than my entire individual effort in meditation up to that point. ”

Nebojša Jovanović Nesh, MBA – VP Finance Systems, Union Bank

“ He worked with me through my creative process and helped me find ways to move past my reservations and emotional blocks. ”

Michelle Crisanti – Author/Artist

“ Slobodan has a presence which is authentic, compassionate, and wise. ”

Marissa Robinson. – Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“ Dr. Slobodan is definitely a virtuoso when it comes to healing arts and energy work, devoutly spiritual and highly intellectual. ”

Anita Sarabjeet – Yoga Instructor

Our Mission 

Our Psycho-Enalysis Center provides prime psychological care to adults of all ages and backgrounds who need support to live a more meaningful and grounded life. Our mission is to educate people about the importance of our “Whole Person” approach to healing, to value the diversity of human expression, and to support socially responsible practices.

Nurture Your Well-being trough Psy-E Center

Why Are We Here?

We’re helping people who are looking for psychological relief, support, psycho-spiritual growth, stronger mental energy and/or working though trauma. We promote comprehensive energy psychology methods for greater health of people and the Earth through our clinical psychology practices.

Comunity Service

Cultivating a community of compassionate and collective responsibility. Supporting organizations that use regenerative practices to heal the Earth. Applying energy psychology methods and embodied practices to lessen human suffering and contribute to communities through our work, time and dedication.

On Psychology’s Frontier

Psy-E is dedicated to working with people who are in need of help to work through a time they may find difficult in their lives.
Psy-E combines depth and energy psychology with embodied practices to help you live a more established life and embody superb mental energy.

Energy Psychology

Along with my academic psychology studies and practice, I have been studying energy health arts and energy psychology as effective interventions in psychotherapy treatment